The app technology that gave social media giants all the power is now available to your brand

You’re tired of watching your brilliant content fight to be heard above the noise of mainstream social media.

But you want to build momentum around your brand. You want to grow your audience. Crucially, you want to know who your followers really are and what they want from you.

So they can benefit from the greatness you offer … and you can grow your business.

A custom app from Vicast gives you the power to build your community, drive audience engagement and leverage vital customer insights to 10x your business.

The power to stand out from the crowd.

Owning a Vicast custom app is like controlling your very own branded social channel

The team at Vicast have the tech wizardry to create an intuitive social video
sharing app that’s tailored perfectly for your brand.

You already know how to use it. And so do your followers.

You can raise your content profile above the “noise”

  • Quickly expand your brand’s digital reach – ensure your message is never drowned out by competitors.
  • “Think like a publisher” – define and schedule content release according to trends and demands.
  • You can easily control interaction quality – set post parameters, auto-suggest hashtags to follow, and share in-app or on other social media.

When you love your audience they’ll love you back

  • Build your loyal and growing fanbase through authentic, real-time interaction.
  • Drive engagement with targeted push notifications and alerts.
  • Ramp up dwell time with exclusive content, offers and competitions – your fans will stick around, have fun and tell their friends.

Your loyal followers make happy customers

  • Understand what your audience wants from you, using integrated data analytics, pop-up polls and post comments.
  • Customise content to resonate with your followers, provide irresistible value and create happy brand advocates.
  • Monetise your growing tribe by leveraging these powerful insights to push out exclusive offers.

Sit back and let revenue roll in

  • Over 50% of ecommerce now happens on mobile – cash in with bespoke in-app payment integration, or plug seamlessly into your existing web-based software.
  • Choose in-app advertising and sponsorship solutions to drive revenue and power engagement.
  • Use push notifications from sponsors to boost your brand by association with big players in your field.

It’s all happening on mobile – if you’re not in, you’re missing out

Mobile engagement is up 210% since 2011, and continuing to rise, according to

And smartphone users spend nearly 90% of their mobile time on apps rather than on traditional websites.

So it’s pretty surprising that 35% of companies globally still feel they don’t need a mobile app to engage with their customers – or think it would cost too much.

Don’t be like those guys – find out how little investment it takes to get in the game, and start winning.

Find out how we can redefine social video for your brand